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Hoof Oil 400ml

Hoof Oil 400ml

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Stubben Hoof Oil

This Hoof oil with its high-quality care substances is particularly suitable for the daily quick care of sole, frog outer walls. The breathable film doesn’t clog the capillaries and provides a long-lasting shine. This intensely nourishing hoof oil is characterised by the following properties:

Plant-based recipe with specially selected high-quality oils for an all-round care of the hoof

Regenerates dry and brittle horn and keeps the hoof healthy and supple by the means of a long-term depot effect

Very easy to apply due to the specially adjusted viscosity

Application: apply daily to sole, frog and outer walls up to 1 cm (0,4 inches) below the coronary band with a brush. May produce an allergic reaction.

Ingredients: vegetable oils, essential oils.

Developed together with the expert master-farrier Gustav Optenplatz from Germany.