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The Stübben Saddle Tree


The best for Horse and Rider.

Steel Spring Tree with Elasticated Webbing
Stübben saddles are built on the unique Stübben saddle tree. The tree is stretched by means of a special belt whereby the tensile and compressive forces perfectly keep in balance, producing the ultimate spring tree. The result creates a comfortable sitting experience for the rider. The Stübben spring saddle tree is the custom made connection between rider and horse. The rider sits in the elastic webbing of the saddle tree, which contracts slightly under his weight, and when relieving the stress stretches anew due to the interior mounted steel springs. As a result the back of the horse is protected by the resilience.

Special Foams
Each Stübben spring tree is formed by an elaborate process. Here several layers of special foams are applied, which in use ensure a pleasant and gentle seat for the rider. As individual wishes of the rider, so adaptable is the Stübben saddle.

The Stübben spring tree is fitted with a double cranked gullet of hardened steel which not only reliably protects the horse‘s withers against injury, but also keeps the saddle behind the shoulder.

Stirrup Bar
The stainless and unbreakable stirrup bars are recessed into the spring tree. This gives ultimate comfort and no obstruction against the riders thigh.

There exists no seat more pleasant for the rider. Furthermore, the back of the horse is protected by the resilience provided in the tree. A Stübben saddle tree is precious, expensive to produce, and unsurpassed in its effect. Stübben is constantly striving to improve the technology and perfect the mode of the saddle tree.

Device to Adapt the width of a Stübben Saddle Tree 
When developing this tool four factors were particularly important:
 The current dimensional stability, that characterizes a Stübben steel spring tree like no other, must remain after the adjustment.

Even after altering, the tree must be absolutely symmetrical.

The previous sitting experience must remain the same, i.e. the change of the gullet is not to effect the side cut of the saddle tree in any way.

The complexity of the work and the costs resulting from this for the rider should be in line with the market, and affordable.

The Stübben saddle may be altered any time in its width by means of the device Change-a-Stübben, developed in-house. During the process of change only the ends of the gullet are dimensionally adapted. As a result, negative effects on the statics of the tree, and in particular of the side cut, are prevented. During riding, the gullet remains stable and its durability stays the same . The adjustment on the tree only takes place at the tree points. The possible change includes the tree sizes 28 up to 32 cm. Trees with the special width XW need to be changed in-house at the Stübben factory.