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What is TreeClix?

Prevent discomfort, soreness, lameness and unwanted behaviour of your horse...

TreeClix offers easy alteration of the width by only one click; restoring balance, freedom of movement and correct saddle pressure.

Altering flock won’t do the trick sufficiently in most cases and adjusting the tree itself comes with high risks of damage and breakage. If not instantly, it will in the (nearby) future. Leaving you with huge expenses and/or buying a new saddle as the only option.

The right fit with TreeClix

With the TreeClix system, your saddlefitter will be able to provide you and your horse with the right fit, balance and closeness to your horse, no matter the conditions.

How does TreeClix work?

Spot on fitting, every time

With TreeClix you’ll be able to endlessly alter the fit of a wooden tree, up to 2 widths. No more risking broken rivets or headplates due to forcing a tree in- and outwards. It allows you to make the saddle fit perfectly to the current condition of your horse in just one click!

It is up to the saddlefitter to make the saddle change with the condition of the horse and ensure a proper fit. TreeClix simplifies this for you.



Making sure the width of the tree is correct, will make your fitting session so much easier.

With TreeClix the tree can be altered up to 2 widths, in steps of 5mm, without risking unevenness of the treepoints, damaging the tree and without tampering with the shape of the head and twist of the tree. Offering you more precision, durability and comfort all together.

TreeClix, makes fitting easy!

By training, diet, age, injuries (and so on), horses can change condition rapidly. And still we are shocked when the saddle fitter tells us the saddle doesn’t fit as well as it used to or, even worse, it can’t be altered to get the right fit.

And even though there are saddles on the market which are width adjustable, this is restricted to the brands and models with a plastic tree, with limitations in variation and fit.

The TreeClix system makes it possible to endlessly alter the width of a wooden saddle tree, so bring on the change!


TreeClix is now available with your Stübben saddle. Contact us directly for further enquiries.