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1100 Fillis Stirrups Irons

Fillis Stirrups 1100 13cm

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Fillis Stirrups 1100 Irons

Classic Fillis shape in 13cm width. High-quality stirrups made of stainless steel. Heavyweight stainless steel with knife edge bottom.  Rubber treads included.

This style of stirrup irons may also be referred to as a German or Heavy Dressage Iron, or Knife Edge Iron. It is similar to the regular 2 bar stirrup, but has a much heavier base and tall, streamlined sides. The extra weight makes it particularly popular/suited for Dressage, where the stirrups should be as still as possible, but it is also suited to other types of competition riding. 

To correctly gauge the correct stirrup irons size, the rider should place the ball of their foot on the stirrup bars, close to the inside, leaving a space of 25mm (1") to the outside.