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SEQ Unisex 40mm Neck Swan Spurs 1157

SEQ Unisex 40mm Neck Swan Spurs 1157

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Stubben SEQ Unisex 40mm Neck Swan Spurs 1157

SEQ = Safety, Elegance and Quality. Features anti-slip rubber cover which is gentle on the boot. Made from flexible, break-proof stainless steel. Enables effective and precise aids.

Advantages of the swan neck:
• The special shape of the spur neck offers better effects, especially for riders with long legs.
• Swan neck spurs are also very advantageous in bulbous horses.

Advantages of the SEQ spurs:
• Non-slip and boot-friendly rubber
• Flexible break-resistant stainless steel
• Individually adjustable to any size
• Safe and comfortable fit thanks to offset belt eyelets
• Effective and precise support