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Soft-Roll D-Ring Double Broken Copper Roll 2658

Soft-Roll D-Ring Double Broken Copper Roll 2658

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Soft-Roll D-Ring Double Broken Copper Roll 2658 

Sweet Copper roll:
The sweet copper roll activates saliva production in addition it is very soft and pleasant on the horses tongue while rein impact.

Benefits of a double-broken:
• No pressure on the palate
• Balanced weight distribution on tongue and jaw
• Horses can easily be ridden on the bit
• No nutcracker-effect
• More forgiving to mistakes caused by a rider's strong hand or pulling on the reins

Benefits of the D-ring bit:
• Gentle on lips and corners of the mouth, prevents the lips from being pinched between mouthpiece and ring
• This bit is less mobile in the horse’s mouth
• Better steering

Stübben Steeltec quality:
• No rough edges that could hurt the horse's mouth
• Long durability due to selected materials
• A special processing technology ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer.


Widths in cm:  11.5 / 12.5 / 13.5 
Widths in inch: 4 1/2" / 5” / 5 1/4” 
Ring-Ø: 70 mm
Thickness: 16 mm
Stainless steel 
International article number: 2658